3 pieces of advice for anyone who is beginning their journey as a developer

I’ve been very interested in tech, but I only started my journey in ‘software development’ at the start of 2020. Why I started then was that I wanted to build on my skillset to better myself and help me with potential future jobs. As soon as I started learning to code, I enjoyed it and knew from then on that I wanted to become a software developer. I did extensive research on what to learn first, the options and how to take my learning even further. I had the determination this is what I wanted to do for a career so I left my full-time job to study. I spent lots of time studying by myself online. Now I am currently enrolled in an online software development school.

The advice I can give somebody is: find what you’re interested in, don’t over practice and start with free resources. As you read on I will give some advice to help you to start your software development journey.

Find what you’re interested in

It can be overwhelming with the number of programming languages it has to offer. First, you will want to decide what path you would like to take, for example ‘Web Development’. Learning web development will help you build websites. This could be on how they look, how they handle everything that works behind the scenes or even both. You could follow the ‘Front-End’ path, ‘Back-end’ or ‘Full-Stack’ which includes both. There are other paths to take, such as: ‘Data Science’, ‘Mobile’ and many more, you can look at a detailed list here.

Take breaks

The best thing to keep consistency is to set a schedule and take breaks. You may want to work day and night with taking little breaks, but that could turn out much worse for you. You should have enough sleep so that you can focus while studying and will make it easier to solve problems. Sometimes you can be stuck on an error for ages and you haven’t taken a break. It’s always good to step back for a bit, replenish and then carry on later. Some methods that can help you stick to a schedule, one being the ‘Pomodoro Technique’. This suggests you break your workday into 25-minutes chunks separated by five-minute breaks. After 4 x 25-minutes, you take a longer break of 15–20 minutes. If you search ‘Pomodoro timer’ on google, you will find many tools that you could use to help you track your time.

Start with free resources

When I first started, I researched for the best sources that will help me. I have listed those down below and more, so you can have a look, give them a go and see if this is for you.


Data Structures and Algorithms

This is my first time writing an article so I hope you liked it. I hope the information will be beneficial to you to get you started on your journey. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.



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